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Grow A Million-woman strong community of women achievers supporting women; women inspiring women; women uplifting women; women winning with women.

Who We Are

The WHAT is a Community of women winning with women globally, because we are fully aware that there is definitely more than enough room at the top for many more women. The Women High Achievers Trybe therefore started as a personal intervention by its Director—Kiki Okewale, to support, care for, nurture, and empower women. It has since grown into a community of women for women—a movement driven by the creed that the success of one woman is the success of all women. WHAT is more than another dispassionate network; it is a family of women winning with women globally.

Get your dreams off the shelf!

Kiki is a multiple award winning A-list fashion designer, serial entrepreneur, international motivational speaker, philanthropist, Board member of st.ives hospital, Executive Director at Ives Medicare and Director at Women Radio 91.7 fm and a lot more. Kiki lives for happiness and loves to give and share of her abundance of joy. 

What we promise you

Create a connection that transforms as we mature with women that will add value to you, with abundance of love, empathy and respect. Because in sisterhood, you are essential and what you say, feel and think matters.

Receive paramount support you need in pursuing and achieving your goals, the good thing is, you are not alone.

Partake in all the steps you can to take care of your physical health and well being, including hygiene, nutrition, managing stressors, and seeking medical care if needed.

Experience the beauty of life, the luxury, life changing moments, through us, which can only add value and confidence to your personality.

Get the life lessons and necessary skills that will mold you into becoming a better individual for yourself and a better person for the people around you.

Improve your talent, potentials, wealth, personality, confidence, and increase your possibilities of reaching even a greater height.

Get the luxury of being financially free by the numerous business opportunities that will be introduced here and set a new standard for yourself. We will keep updating our business opportunities for more variety and for all sisters to have multiple streams of income.

Business Opportunities

New business opportunities are often perceived as scarce during today’s unsteady economic climate.

You have to push yourself to reach new limits, because regardless of what state the economy is in, new business opportunities are always on the horizon.
“Opportunity created today will lead to prosperity tomorrow.”

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